5 Herbs and Spices That Fight Diabetes

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For ages, herbs have played an important part healthcare. It is their remarkable effects which make them popular even today. When it comes to diabetes, there are several kinds of spices and herbs which can help in lowering the blood sugar levels. These herbs play a vital role in helping the diabetics to manage their condition. In several cases, it has been found that using the right kinds of herbs and spices not only improves the blood glucose levels of diabetics, but also treat inflammation caused due to diabetes.

Thus, if you have diabetes and want to reduce your medicines, add these natural herbs and spices to your daily diet. Have a look:

Cinnamon: You might know it as an herb for baking sweets. It is widely known for its aromatic bliss, but now the medical community loves it for its antioxidants and antibacterial properties. Having the inflammation reducing qualities, it has the ability to help people with diabetes. If you are considering the type, go for Ceylon Cinnamon. It is the best choice which brings forth potential health benefits concerned to blood sugar regulation. Several researches have shown that cinnamon has the ability to lower down the body’s resistance to insulin. Secondly, it decreases overall cholesterol levels. Thus, you can have it in the powdered spice form or just take it as a supplement.

Sage: The earlier civilizations have been using this spice to help with memory and mood. Recently a study proved that essential sage oil helps the youngsters to remember things better. It also makes them become more alert and calmer. Besides, sage plays a vital role in fighting germs giving you soothing qualities when you enjoy it as a tea. The powerful antioxidants in this herb help you fight diabetes.

Basil: Another aromatic herb, which is highly popular for several medicinal properties. It can be added to your daily diet in your soups, stews etc. It is rich in enzymes which are known to reduce the levels of the blood sugar. Several studies have proved that basil it has lowered the fasting blood sugar by 18% in diabetics. The blood glucose levels also lower by 7.3 percent, after eating a meal.

Garlic: You know it as a distinct flavor which can spice up any dish. But do you that it also contains anti-inflammatory properties? Yes, having it in your daily diet helps in suppressing cytokines which greatly impact diabetes. Not only this, it will also lower down the lipids and blood sugar levels. Decreasing the C-reactive protein it also lowers the chances of inflammation.

Bitter Melon: Adding 3 to 6 tablespoons daily can help your cells use glucose more effectively. Doing so will block sugar absorption in the intestine, which will further lower the blood sugar and gastrointestinal problems. Giving your body the antioxidant benefits it manages the glucose levels in diabetes.

While you are suffering from diabetes, make sure you always stay in touch with your doctor always. Consulting your doctor before adding these herbs and spices is advisable.