Goodbye Dental Implants, You’ll be Able to Grow Your Own Teeth In Just 9 Weeks

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Dental implants can be a fantastic tool, and can certainly make our life better – but what if you could grow your own teeth? We’re here to tell you you might be able to do just that!

According to new research by Columbia University’s Dr. Jeremy Mao, people might be able to do precisely that: Grow new teeth in oral cavities.

Mao built a scaffold using stem cells, helping regenerate new teeth using DNA.

Dr. Mao says the tooth is replaced with stem cells from our body. The tooth merges with the surrounding tissue. This simple process increases the regeneration process and it offers fast recovery.

However, this procedure is not yet available everywhere in the world. It is still under researching and it needs approval from the medical authorities.

If you’re interested – do more research. There’s certainly a crazy future ahead of us!