How To Create An Endless Supply Of Water With No Power Required

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Whether one lives off-grid and seeks to create an endless supply of hot water or lives in a location with sparse resources, this video is sure to inspire and inform.

Have you ever wondered or imagined what it be like to move and live off grid in a self sufficient lifestyle away from society? If you’ve ever actually thought or plan on doing so this video will surely teach you a very beneficial trick in supplying your own hot water without any power required. This video explains all it takes to create a supply of hot water is some recycled parts and and a small rocket stove. 

If unfamiliar with what a rocket stove. All it is, is a small hot burning stove that uses small diameter wood. It ensures almost complete combustion prior to the flames’ reaching the cooking surface and is extremely efficient.

This technique described in the video utilizes thermal siphon pumping to move the freshly heated water into the reservoir. It’s easy to reproduce and will ensure an individual has an endless supply of hot water for as long as they need.