Make Alkaline Water Using Lemon And Himalayan Salt To Combat Cancer

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If you didn’t already know this, here is a fun fact that can be very necessary. Based on over 95% of all studies, cancer thrives in acidic environments. Thus if you keep your body in an alkaline state the risk of developing cancer and other health issues such as heart disease are significantly reduced.

The easiest and quickest way to keep your body in more of an alkaline state is to drink Lemon Water and even more so with the added benefits of Himalayan salt. Here’s how to make it!


  • 1 lemon
  • 1 tablespoon of Himalayan salt
  • 2 liters water


Wash the lemon and chop it into slices, put them in a glass jar and add the water. Add the Himalayan salt and then cover the jar. Leave it for a whole night before drinking.

Have 2-3 glasses of the water in the morning time before your breakfast.

How This Simple Combination Helps You Fight Against Cancer

Both of these two ingredients are alkaline-forming foods, put them together makes a tasty drink and provides many other benefits as well.


  • Although it’s acidic to begin with, lemon is alkalizing for your body.
  • Vitamin C in lemon helps combat some infections such as colds and flu.
  • Lemon is a great body detoxifier, have a cup of warm lemon water every morning,  it will beneficial to your liver and kidneys.
  • It’s also a good remedy for treating kidney stones, as the citric acid in lemon helps dissolve kidney stones effectively.
  • Lemon peel contains compounds that may prevent Parkinson’s disease and improve brain function.
  • And the most important point is that lemon contains 22 anti-cancer compounds. So alkalize with lemon water.

Himalayan Salt

As a pure ingredient which contains 84 natural minerals and elements, Himalayan salt works great to balance the pH level of your body. It also helps you in many other ways:

  • It detoxifies your body.
  • Reduces muscle cramps.
  • Balances your blood pressure.
  • Aids in weight loss.
  • Supports thyroid health.
  • Maintains a healthy blood sugar level.
  • Supports hormone balance.


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