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Aloe Vera Benefits

How My Family uses Aloe as an Everyday Healing Plant and How You Can Too

There are no coincidences or accidents in holistic medicine. Every action, even if somewhat unconscious like cutting yourself with a kitchen knife, is actually an intentional and “thoughtful” act. Left in a confused state, your body, mind and spirit inevitably ask “Why did I just do that to myself?” Aloe is a convenient and quick remedy to make sure your body truly knows how much you do love it. Aloe’s… … Keep Reading

The Wide Range Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

Numerous studies have shown that aloe helps to recover from certain diseases and conditions. Aloe Vera, a type of plant with thick and juicy leaves, whose homeland is the dry regions of Africa and India, has been used for centuries by both food and traditional medicine. A popular remedy, especially for light burns and abrasions, aloe vera juice is also consumed for many other conditions and diseases, and in some… … Keep Reading

7 Little-Known Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

Pop quiz:  Which of the following common health problems can be treated with aloe? Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) High cholesterol Diabetes Arthritis All of the above Answer:  E, all of the above! Best known as a topical sunburn ointment, aloe is finally coming into its own as a natural health remedy and superfood. Nutritionists have long known of the ancient plant’s healing properties, and now you can get the inside… … Keep Reading

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