Tumeric Can Reprogram And Destroy Cancer Cells

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It’s estimated that every 100 days, 10-13 trillion cells in our body’s are turned over. Since, air, water and food are typically the only things we put in our bodies, we can literally say we are what we eat, drink and breathe.

Every 3 months cell reproduction occurs meaning our bodies actually need to make new cells and the old ones that need to die off and be removed from our system.

Our cells are programmed like computers to complete this process and make sure the old cells die and new cells are formed.  Referred to as ‘apoptosis’, there are some rogue cells that do not undergo the procedure and linger around. Examples of this would be cancer cells.

Researchers have discovered ‘Curcumin,’ the yellow pigment in turmeric, to use a plethora of diverse methods to convince cancer cells to follow the procedure of self destruction and remove themselves from our system. Essentially, turmeric reprograms cancer cells to do what they were originally supposed to do, die!

Researchers hint, since there is a multitude of different ways turmeric can kill cancer cells, cancer most likely will not be able to build up immunity towards this treatment. Also the reason why turmeric is so successful in treating many different forms of cancer. Being affordable, and readily accessible, make it unattractive to pharmaceutical company’s as there is no profit. Such a shame.

Watch the video below showing how turmeric can reprogram cancer cells to ultimately destroy themselves!


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