Wormwood Extract Is A Breakthrough Cancer Treatment

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Today, the number of patients diagnosed with cancer or the people having a family member trying to cope with the disease is increasing. Experts claim that one out of every four people in the world develop cancer and two out of every five cancer patients die due to this disease.

This information has awakened the doctors and the people, who are asking more questions about the disease and taking care of their immediate environment and the food they eat to prevent it.

The medical community has also been forced to open up to the natural solutions like wormwood extract in cancer treatment to improve the outcomes and to minimize the side effects of conventional treatments.

What is wormwood extract?

Wormwood extract, the little-known Chinese herb, is a powerful gift of nature to kill the cancer cells. An extract of the wormwood plant, Artemisinin, has been commonly used in the Chinese medicine for centuries to kill the abnormal cancer cells in the body.

The effective treatment strategy of using wormwood extract for cancer patients was lost over time. Luckily, the herb has been rediscovered with the help of an ancient manuscript that contains a list of medical herbs.

A team of scientists from the University of Washington has synthesized artemisinin from Wormwood extract that uses the higher requirement of the cancer cells for the minerals like iron to mark them as a target and kills them. Artemisinin can selectively kill the cancer cells without causing damage to the healthy cells.

How wormwood extract helps in cancer treatment

Artemisinin helps to destroy the cancer cells by reacting with iron and forming free radicals. It is known that cancer cells uptake a comparatively higher amount of iron than the normal cells, and they are highly susceptible to the toxic effects of artemisinin. The combined effect produced by these actions of artemisinin allows this extract to identify the abnormal cells, target them and then, destroy them.

The researchers are trying to enhance the effectiveness of artemisinin by attaching it to the iron-carrying glycoprotein called transferrin. This allows Transferrin to be transported into the cells via a process called endocytosis. This results in the cancer cells expressing a significantly higher level of transferrin receptors on their surface and thereby endocytose more amount of transferrin than the normal cells.

Thus, by tagging artemisinin to transferrin, artemisinin and iron are transported into the cancer cells in higher amounts. Once inside the cell, iron is released. It can react with artemisinin quickly and enhance its toxicity resulting in a more efficient destruction of the cancer cells.

The results

The results of several studies have put into question the safety of the conventional treatments for cancer including radiation and chemotherapy. There is evidence to prove that chemotherapy can stimulate the cancer growth and the chemotherapy drugs are toxic enough to cause serious side effects.

The use of Wormwood extract in cancer treatment has been encouraging and has given hope to the doctors and cancer patients about finding a complete cure for this disease.


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